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Owner Spotlight: Cody Rowe

Author: Cody Rowe - Mortgage Broker | | Categories: Home Purchase Mortgage , Mortgage Broker , Mortgage Refinancing

 Blog by Cody Rowe - Mortgage Broker

I’m Cody Rowe, a Mortgage Broker in Victoria, BC.

Prior to my finance career, I spent several years in the hospitality industry as a service manager; which provided me the attributes needed to understand someone’s situation while creating and building a solution. I would then go on to opening my first business in the textiles industry, which enhanced my financial acumen and love for numbers. During this period as a clothing entrepreneur, I received help from a mortgage broker and was surprised by how valuable the position could be in providing creative solutions to someone’s home purchase and financial plan.

I realized that there were plenty of opportunities to create financial freedom through real estate, so I started to do more research. After reaching a crossroads with my first business, I realized the value of creating a business around helping others and realized real estate was an excellent way to create financial freedom for myself and others. With this in mind, combined with a love for numbers and people, I became a mortgage broker in 2016.

The mortgage rules are continually changing, which makes it challenging for the consumer to keep up with the real estate rules and landscapes or know where to turn for their next financing approval. It has made hiring the services of an independent advisor even more crucial than ever before!

The approach we take with all our clients is one of teaching you HOW to fish rather than just giving you one. We believe in the value of education through the process and providing valuable insights you can apply to your overall financial plan. This way, you can feel confident the second time around when you go to buy that vacation or investment property and know the steps that were taken along the way! We believe a more transparent approach to finance based on integrity is the foundation to building a long term relationship based on success. To get a better understanding of our client approach, you can check out our Google and Facebook reviews. When I am not working with clients on their biggest investments, you can find me in the martial arts gym training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing or grappling. I also have a passion for guitar and travel. I love the outdoors and can be found on the top of a mountain or exploring all that nature has to offer.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my approach, feel free to contact us or you can click here and we will reach out when it’s convenient.



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